Risk Management Group is an ISO 9001-2008 Certified Organization established in 2004, and became Gujarat’s most recognized and professionally qualified security agency with a tag line of “A Powerful Force of Security Safety & Secret Services”.


R-G-Trivedi-Founder-Risk-Management-Group-SecurityRisk Management Group has been founded by Mr. R.G. Trivedi, who is well known about his honesty and discipline, having vast experience of 35 years in the field of security. R.M.G. has come a long way in providing reliable and effective security solutions for the protection of life and property with a perfect blend of skills and resources. RMG has over the years developed and perfected this combination having provided a wide spectrum of services to many highly reputed and well known Corporate Houses, Industries, Super Markets, Multinationals & Government Institutions.

With a team of highly experienced and qualified managers, field officers, security professionals and the necessary infrastructure to successfully manage your each and every requirement. RMG has more than 1500 well-disciplined armed and un-armed security guards deployed at various installations in and around Gujarat & Rajasthan. Company is eyeing for further strengthen its presence in Gujarat and other states of the Country. Our strength lies in faultless supervision of security guards through regular patrolling of our assignments both by day and night. This is backed up by a fully equipped control room mannered round the clock by efficient controllers.

ISO-Certified-Co-Logo-BlueRMG believes in continuously upgrading the quality of our resources and infrastructure to support the ever-changing customer requirements. We are applying latest technological knowhow in detecting crime, theft, etc. While guarding and protecting National Property. We are in to all types of Investigation with trained and well experienced qualified team of dedicated ex-servicemen and civilians. Excellence is our motto and we are Market leaders in providing safe and secure environment to all sectors of the society.



To provide our honorable clients with the top most quality of security and safety services. We will strive towards delighting our customers by providing committed, ethical, efficient & cost effective services while constantly adding value through innovations in our services and upgradation of our skills. We will offer our human assets a challenging & healthy work environment, where individuals are nurtured, performances are rewarded and opportunities are provided for continuous growth & development.



rmg002Our vision is to provide our client with best protection and loss prevention services. Highly reputed in the field of private security firms, RMG employs an integrated approach in providing Security and Safety to our client. Each of our client requires special focus in their security needs.

It will be our endeavor to be the leader in the Indian Security Industry in terms of products/service range, service quality, operations network, brand value, customer retention and business growth.

We shall achieve this through design upgradation and refinement of services, continuous training and performance management of employees, adopting latest technologies and implementing best management and business practices.


We at RMG are committed to achieve total customer satisfaction by providing services based on effective and efficient quality management systems. Our aim would be to continually review and upgrade our business processes and ensure consistent training of our employees.

All members of the RMG family will display highest level of integrity, transparency and commitment to customers in everything we do.

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Corporate and Industrial security consists of many elements, which RMG Security Services specializes in mapping and managing to your company’s precise needs. Risk Management Group Security Services plans and implements concrete safety measures and can offer training and consulting service as well.

When starting a contract between RMG Security Services and the customer organization, we consider issues like what’s best for the particular environment, what protective measures are needed, questions of responsibility, what is sufficient and significant ! The security analysis also contains our customer-specific solution proposal for achieving the desired level of security.

In addition, risk analysis and assessments are always included in the service. They are used to deliver solution proposals to minimize or eliminate risks. In a changing world, company security must also be constantly developed and maintained. By keeping your security analysis up to date through regular monitoring, we aim to ensure the correct scaling of our customer’s security levels in a changing operational environment.

We offer individual security systems for different user of groups that offer additional security for people working alone at critical sites or remote area. We also train both our personnel and our customer’s personnel, organizing training sessions in subjects like security and safety issues as a whole, personnel threat situations, fire prevention, use of force equipment and work hour monitoring systems.

We offer our customers the opportunity to pursue their daily business without disturbance in an atmosphere where unexpected and potentially disruptive incidents are prevented in advance. We also offer our customers unannounced spot-checks, where we verify the identity and company of the workers at a site. The main goal of this service is to identify potential deficiencies for the customer, allowing them to take the necessary action to rectify any issues that were discovered.

Here is the all-round security strategy map

Risk Management Group Security Concept Security Strategy Map


Manned Guarding (Security Officers, Supervisors, Guards, Armed-Gunman etc)
  Access & Admission Control
  Keys & Card Management
  Visitors Escorting
  Mobile Patrols
  Emergency Response



  Monitoring (CCTV, Motion Cameras, Motion Sensors & Alarms etc)
  Alarm Response, Security Check of workers.
  Midnight Checking, and field officer visit at unexpected time.



  Alarm Systems (Motion Cameras, Motion Sensors & Alarms etc)
  Access Control Systems
  Burglary Detection
  Fire & Gas Detection
  Car Park Management
  Alcohol Detection (By alcohol detector instrument or by security personnel)
  Bomb Search Security Mirror (For cars, SUVs and Heavy Transport Vehicles)
  Metal Detector (Deep search metal detector and hand held metal detector)
  Door Frame Metal Detector
  Portable Road Blockers
  Long Range Binoculars (For day & night visions)
  Portable Search Lights (Chargeable)



First Aid Services & Communication (Includes calling Ambulance & Fire stations etc)
  Emergency Evacuation
  Notification Management
  Emergency Initial Response Management
  All Round Security (During Strikes, Attacks etc.)
  Armed Guards instant placement



Security Analysis and Audit
  Specification Services
  Security Training
  Strategies of Cost Reduction without compromising security.

RMG Security Services concept brings improvements in each service area. The means reduced costs and optimised productivity, as well as efficiency and consistently high quality in overall security services and each specific safety measures.

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RMG developed a specific hiring profile, which reflects both our company’s high standards and specific candidate qualifications. RMG is sensitive to the fact that your company has made a significant security investment in, and commitment to, your employees. Our goal is to demonstrate a respect for this commitment.


While RMG considers prospective security candidates, your specific security requirements and candidate qualifications will be important factors in developing personnel profiles to select the right people to further our relationship. Our management will develop these personnel profiles and coordinate their implementation to ensure positive results.


The value RMG represents to your company is evidenced by our industry-leading selection system. Our established system not only screens out, as best as possible, unacceptable candidates, but focuses on identifying quality employees who possess important traits such as honesty, integrity and a strong customer service orientation.

Our security officers performs critical functions designed to prevent unauthorized access to facilities, protect life, maintain order, maintain logs/reports, deter criminal actions directed against customers, employees, assets and provide emergency support. It is vital to ensure the best candidates fill these roles for RMG and its customers.

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Manned Guarding

Risk Management Group Security Guard

RMG a strong force of well-trained security personnel effectively performing at various installations across the country, work on a theme of partnering with our principals, guaranteeing a Return On Investment through system design and effective monitoring.

Risk_Management_Group_Security_Guards1Each security personnel from the onset undergoes rigorous pre-employment screening, selection and specialized training for various industry segments conforming to strict state specific training and vetting standard norms. Our ISO 9001:2008 standards ensure strict compliance to globally accepted operational standards and corporate governance processes.


Risk_Management_Group_Security_GuardsOur well trained Security Guards help to maintain and create "Feel Safe & Secure" environment for the management and employees by their manners and etiquettes, round the clock surveillance on the perimeter and internal assets, information sharing and communication skills. Round the clock service monitoring by field officers & 24X 7 operational control rooms is the backbone of this service.


Security Personnel Categories :

  Armed/Unarmed Security Guards, Security Supervisors & Security Officers.
  Uniformed/Plainclothes security personnel.
  Ex-Paramilitary Force Personnel
  Trained Civilian Guards
  Trained Lady Guards
  Gunman (Ex-Servicemen & Civilians)



Service Portfolio :

  Industrial Security Risk Management Group Armed Gunman
  Warehouse /  Godown Security
  Bank Security
  Event Security
  Shopping Mall Security
  Retail Chain Shopping Mart Security
  Security of Residential Colonies & Appartments.
  Hotel, Restaurant, Hospital, Security
  Institutional Security
  Security of Commercial Establishments
  Disputed Land Security
  Valuables Transportation / Courier Security


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Event Security


Risk_Management_Group_Event_SecurityAll round Security has become a most important part for our society. Prominent families businesses and individuals have become easy targets for criminal threats, extortion and robbery. We, at RMG Provide specialized protection security for a wide range of events:

We provide armed/unarmed security guards, security supervisors and security officers. The quality, training, appearance and professionalism of RMG security personnel and operation strategy is backbone of all round security. Our security guards are trained in Risk_Management_Group_Event_Security_Patrol_Carshuman relations and their concern for the safety of the community is unshakable. Our patrol cars parked in the event parking lot and various security point at event place, will also act as a visual deterrent and criminals will think thousand times before acting.

RMG with its dedicated setup of operations and administration personnel provide infrastructure to support event services by firstly considering the event security Risk_Management_Group_Event_Security_Parking_Guardsspecific demographics, integrated asset security management, crowd management, emergency evacuation, protection of infrastructure & personal valuables, public safety and occupational health safety measures.

RMG has extensive experience of many years of managing corporate events, Annual General Meetings of Large Corporate houses, Concert Events of renowned celebrities, artists and large scale public gatherings like high profile marriage functions and Promotional events.




Event Security Management Key Features :

Site and Venue Layout Consulting
  Site and Venue Deep Search by Dog Squad
  Transport, Traffic and Pedestrian Management
  Crowd Management and Segregation Management
  Operational Communications
  Emergency Management with all safety measures like Emergency Evacuation.
  General Safety and Hazard identification




Event Security Service Key Features :Risk_Management_Group_Event_Security7

  Access Control
  Badge Checkers & Greeters
  Entrance Security Screening
  Floor/Stage Security
  Incident Documentation
  Parking Lot & Tailgating Security
  Patron, Disruptive Guest Removal
  Medical Emergency Response Team
  Perimeter Security
  Response/Roam Team
  Specialized Details to meet your required security needs



Security Personnel For Event Security:

  Armed/Unarmed Security Guards, Security Supervisors & Security Officers.
  Uniformed/Plainclothes security personnel.
  Ex-Paramilitary Force Personnel
  Trained Civilian Guards
  Trained Lady Guards
  Gunman (Ex-Servicemen & Civilians)
  or as required by client ….


Service Portfolio :

  Charity, Hotels
  Concerts, Private Parties
  Arenas, Exhibitions & Trade Fairs.
  Conferences, Seminars, Gatherings, Business Meetings
  Corporate Events, Industry Events, Promotional Events, Media Launches,
  Red Carpet, Celebrity Shows, Garbas & Dance Events
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VIP, Executive Security & Bodyguards



Risk_Management_Group_BodyguardsThese days there are multiple threats facing travellers, owners and executives, greatly increasing their vulnerability and thus risk. Many top business executives, including business travellers and senior executives, face more challenging security environments. Given the range of risks involved, protecting an individual is a very different discipline from securing a facility. Also in certain geographic locations, there is a risk of kidnapping for ransom, and in others, there is simply a risk of random violence.


Risk_Management_Group_Bodyguards1Celebrity/VIP/Executive securities require different skill sets and are specially trained to provide executive protection. Split second can make the difference between life and death, both for the celebrity/VIP/Executive and protection specialists. The skills required are vigilance, sixth sense, body language, proactive approach, calmness, presence of mind. Specialized training to handle all kind of threat perceptions & intelligence gathering. PSO act like unbreakable walls between you and the maliciously intended attackers. Our body guards and personal security officers (PSO) are well trained within the parameters of that industry and perform their duties perfectly.

Risk_Management_Group_Bodyguards2RMG provides trained bodyguards and consultants whom are highly qualified and specialized in Celebrity/VIP/Executive protection, and have held senior positions which entailed regular exposure to fatal near-death situations. Our bodyguards and personal security officers (PSO) are highly qualified and experienced for their special tasks. RMG’s bodyguards and personal security men have served in top units and are fully qualified to handle random violent attack, any uncomfortable situations, fights, defense, and to react to various crisis events and combat situations. RMG bodyguards and Personal Security Officers (PSO) have gained their vast experience and proficient knowledge over many decades of serving in special Indian army units before joining RMG. We provide clients with the best possible match and incorporation between individual client requirements and the relevant PSO-specific skills.

Risk_Management_Group_Executive_CouriersExecutives and couriers of valuable goods are very lucrative targets for extortionists and thieves. We at RMG provides the most sophisticated ways and means to protect the lives of those who need it. We can provide armed or unarmed protection to one individual or a group of individuals. Whether it is an executive or a courier transporting valuables, we have the proper security solutions for every situation. We are always prepared to protect lives and goods.


VIP, Executive Security & Bodyguards Services Key Features :

  Disciplined execution of the services
  Timely execution in prescribed uniforms
  Good written & oral communication skills
  No compromise on integrity and responsibility
  No harm to clients' assets.
  Trained Bodyguards (Physical training, Hand to Hand Combat, Martial Arts)
  Trained for Close Quarter Shooting
  Trained for Strategic Driving
  Trained for Explosive Detection, Small Team Tactics.
  Trained for Mob Dispersal, Survival
  Trained for Primary Medical Aid


Security Personnel For VIP, Executive Security & Bodyguards:

  Armed/Unarmed Personal Security Officers.
  Uniformed/Plainclothes security personnel.
  Ex-Paramilitary Force Personnel
  Trained Civilian PSO
  Rifle/Revolver Gunman (Ex-Servicemen & Civilians)
  or as required by client ….


Service Portfolio :

  Government Officials Security
  Models, Film Stars Security
  Dignitaries, diplomats Security
  Religious Leaders
  Foreign Dignitaries visiting India
  Industrialists Personal Security
  Corporate Executives or Key-man Security
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