Corporate and Industrial security consists of many elements, which RMG Security Services specializes in mapping and managing to your company’s precise needs. Risk Management Group Security Services plans and implements concrete safety measures and can offer training and consulting service as well.

When starting a contract between RMG Security Services and the customer organization, we consider issues like what’s best for the particular environment, what protective measures are needed, questions of responsibility, what is sufficient and significant ! The security analysis also contains our customer-specific solution proposal for achieving the desired level of security.

In addition, risk analysis and assessments are always included in the service. They are used to deliver solution proposals to minimize or eliminate risks. In a changing world, company security must also be constantly developed and maintained. By keeping your security analysis up to date through regular monitoring, we aim to ensure the correct scaling of our customer’s security levels in a changing operational environment.

We offer individual security systems for different user of groups that offer additional security for people working alone at critical sites or remote area. We also train both our personnel and our customer’s personnel, organizing training sessions in subjects like security and safety issues as a whole, personnel threat situations, fire prevention, use of force equipment and work hour monitoring systems.

We offer our customers the opportunity to pursue their daily business without disturbance in an atmosphere where unexpected and potentially disruptive incidents are prevented in advance. We also offer our customers unannounced spot-checks, where we verify the identity and company of the workers at a site. The main goal of this service is to identify potential deficiencies for the customer, allowing them to take the necessary action to rectify any issues that were discovered.

Here is the all-round security strategy map

Risk Management Group Security Concept Security Strategy Map


Manned Guarding (Security Officers, Supervisors, Guards, Armed-Gunman etc)
  Access & Admission Control
  Keys & Card Management
  Visitors Escorting
  Mobile Patrols
  Emergency Response



  Monitoring (CCTV, Motion Cameras, Motion Sensors & Alarms etc)
  Alarm Response, Security Check of workers.
  Midnight Checking, and field officer visit at unexpected time.



  Alarm Systems (Motion Cameras, Motion Sensors & Alarms etc)
  Access Control Systems
  Burglary Detection
  Fire & Gas Detection
  Car Park Management
  Alcohol Detection (By alcohol detector instrument or by security personnel)
  Bomb Search Security Mirror (For cars, SUVs and Heavy Transport Vehicles)
  Metal Detector (Deep search metal detector and hand held metal detector)
  Door Frame Metal Detector
  Portable Road Blockers
  Long Range Binoculars (For day & night visions)
  Portable Search Lights (Chargeable)



First Aid Services & Communication (Includes calling Ambulance & Fire stations etc)
  Emergency Evacuation
  Notification Management
  Emergency Initial Response Management
  All Round Security (During Strikes, Attacks etc.)
  Armed Guards instant placement



Security Analysis and Audit
  Specification Services
  Security Training
  Strategies of Cost Reduction without compromising security.

RMG Security Services concept brings improvements in each service area. The means reduced costs and optimised productivity, as well as efficiency and consistently high quality in overall security services and each specific safety measures.