Electronic Security & Surveillance

Technology can solve lot of issues which human beings can never handle effectively.

We strive to provide integrated security solutions for high level security requirements using high quality materials. The company regularly introduces innovative systems based on state-of-the-art technology to meet new security challenges.


We understand that electronic security is a vital component of any acceptable security solution. Buildings/Factories/Offices/Facilities today demand a network-based integrated facility management system - one that allows a multitude of different intelligent devices to communicate and work together to optimize facility operations. RMG has maintained its leading position in this dynamic industry by providing state-of-the-art technology building management systems that allow clients to manage their buildings intelligently and economically.

This division of RMG keeps close watch on upcoming security related technological updates, reputed system integrators & installers. The primary area of activity for this division is design, installation and maintenance of Access control systems, CCTVs, fire alarm systems, fire suppression systems, intruder/burglar alarms, perimeter protection systems, etc. The highlighting feature of this division is the strategic partnership with major security systems companies across India.

Key Features of Electronic Security & Surveillance Service :

  Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems, both analog & TCP IP based.
  Surveillance / CCTV System (High resolution cameras and DVR systems)
  Access Control Systems (Proximity & Biometric based) (Card, Fingerprint etc)
  Attendance & Employee Tracking with Doors / Gates automation (RFID and UHF solutions)
  Public Addressing System (Speakers / Amplifiers with Announcement Priority & Zones)
  Visitor Management & Parking Management Systems
  Video Door Phones
  Library & Queue Management Systems
  Wireless Communication System (Dedicated Intercom with one to many hand held wireless solution)
  Intruder / Burglar Alarm Systems (Wired / Wireless with variety of Sensors)
  Motion Alarm Systems (Motion Cameras, Dedicated Motion Sensors)
  Fire Alarm Systems (Conventional, Addressable or Wireless Solutions)
  Metal Detectors (Deep search metal detector and hand held metal detector)
  Alcohol Detection (By Alcohol Detector Instrument)
  Portable Road Blockers & Bomb Search Security Mirror (For Cars, SUVs & Heavy Vehichles)
  Long Range Binoculars (For day & night visions) & Portable Search Lights (Chargeable)



RMG Advantage :

Fully Trained Design / Installation Engineers
  24 X 7 System support
  Regular maintenance of Systems Installed
  Strategic Alliance with ESS Companies
  Excellent Equipment to exploit latest technology from best manufacturers from international market
  Special & Customized training for systems operators


Electronic Security Products :


001-Alcohol-DetectorAlcohol Detector

002-Bullet-Proof-JacketBullet Proof Jacket

003-metal-detectorDeep Search Metal Detector

004-hand-held-metal-detector1Hand-held Metal Detector

005-under-water-metal-detectorUnder Water Metal Detector

007-Walk-Through-Metal-Detector-DoorWalk Through Metal Detector Door

006-under-vehicle-bomb-search-mirrorUnder Vehicle Bomb Search Security Mirror

008-portable-road-blockPortable Road Block

009-portable-road-blockPortable Road Block

010-long-range-binocularsLong Range Binoculars

011-Night-Vision-Binoculars1Night Vision Binoculars

012-Night-Vision-BinocularsNight Vision Binoculars

013-portable-search-lightsPortable Search Lights (Chargeable)

014-portable-LED-search-lightsPortable L.E.D Search Lights