RMG developed a specific hiring profile, which reflects both our company’s high standards and specific candidate qualifications. RMG is sensitive to the fact that your company has made a significant security investment in, and commitment to, your employees. Our goal is to demonstrate a respect for this commitment.


While RMG considers prospective security candidates, your specific security requirements and candidate qualifications will be important factors in developing personnel profiles to select the right people to further our relationship. Our management will develop these personnel profiles and coordinate their implementation to ensure positive results.


The value RMG represents to your company is evidenced by our industry-leading selection system. Our established system not only screens out, as best as possible, unacceptable candidates, but focuses on identifying quality employees who possess important traits such as honesty, integrity and a strong customer service orientation.

Our security officers performs critical functions designed to prevent unauthorized access to facilities, protect life, maintain order, maintain logs/reports, deter criminal actions directed against customers, employees, assets and provide emergency support. It is vital to ensure the best candidates fill these roles for RMG and its customers.