Verification & Investigations

Risk Management Group’s Investigation Services Division is most trusted and reliable name that has been in the business of investigation and detective services for more than a decade.


Risk-Management-Group-Verification-Detective-Investigation2RMG with its team of dedicated civilians and ex-servicemen is a thoroughly motivated professional investigating agency. In these years we have been able to help many of our clients solve critical, complicated and knotty cases to their satisfaction. Above all, our investigation services are discrete and confidential as our officers trained to be subtle and unobtrusive in their enquiries and operations. We have extensive and wide network to support our investigations.

We provide time-bound reports, detailed analysis, authenticated information and accurate evidence based on thorough research and investigations. Our specialized services are built on the enterprise-wide concept of 3M – Man, Machine and Method that leverage our resources effectively.

Risk-Management-Group-Verification-Detective-Investigation1RMG has the infrastructure to deal with any types of problems and provide accurate inputs of information to its clients for necessary risk management and loss prevention. Our investigators are highly professional and are capable of carrying out even the most difficult operations with utmost ease, not only in the state of Gujarat but also all over India. Our private investigators come from the ranks of the finest investigative agencies available countrywide & have years of experience in investigation & intelligence field.

Risk-Management-Group-Verification-Corporate-InvestigationRMG provides intelligence investigation services which help clients regain control of their physical, intellectual property and corporate reputation. Matters like money laundering, embezzlement, hidden assets, trade secrets, due diligence, investigation of theft, dishonesty, and substance abuse in the workplace, litigation support and an assortment of products and documents related to the industry are assessed and reviewed by RMG investigators. Our team of dedicated investigators and executives always strive for complete satisfaction of our clients without compromising with the confidentiality of our clients. All investigations are done discretely and client’s confidentiality is maintained always.

Corporate Intelligence/Investigation Services :

Pre/Post-Employment Verification
  Undercover Operations
  Intelligence Gathering on Specific Activities
  Assets Verification (for Banks & Corporates)
  Pre-Launch Assessment
  Theft Proofing Services of Surveys & Audits
  Tracking / Feedback on vendors
  Surveillance and Tracking of Suspects
  Insurance Claim Verification
  Background Checks, Character / Address Verification
  Industrial Pilferage Investigation
  Investigation of Accidents
  Investigation of Theft, Dishonesty, Due Diligence.
  Investigation of Corporate Fraud
  Personal Data Checks, Accuracy, Inconsistencies, Errors, Omissions, and Falsifications
  Criminal Record Checks
  Candidate Records Checks from Police Station, Criminal & Civil Courts.
  Candidate Checks for Arrest Reports, Witness Statements, etc
  Investigation of Candidate for Affiliation with any Trade Union, Ultra or Militant Organization.
  Review Credit Reports and Evaluate Financial Responsibility.


Private Investigation :

Pre / Post Matrimonial Investigation
  Divorce Related Evidence Collection
  Extramarital Affairs Investigation
  Mobile Tracking by Softwares (Recording Calls/GPS Location/Route/Activities)*
  Mobile Spy (Detailed In/Out Call Records, SMS, Social Network Chats etc)*
  Surveillance / Shadowing
  Fixed and Mobile Surveillance
  Background Check, Character Check / Address Verification
  Monitoring of Individual’s Activities
  Assets Verification
  *Limited to few smartphones as it depends on operating system compatibility and version of mobile phone, though major popular phone models and OS are covered including iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc..