This division works in close alignment with multiple division of RMG with an objective of recruiting training and delivering suitable manpower to meet their requirements. RMG has a standardised recruitment process with stringent norms for ex-serviceman & civilians where an antecedent verification is mandatory. A detailed operation system chart mentioned here. A direct recruitment is done at five levels - Guards, Supervisors, Security Inspector, Assistant Security Officers and Management Trainees.


Risk_Management_Group_Security_Recruitment_Training3RMG maintains dozens of recruitment centres and a training academy located at RMG (Training Centre) Durga Nagar, Nr Railway Station, Vatva, Ahmedabad. Apart from residential training academies that are modelled on line of police training school, the company also has training centres developed on lines of urban non-residential training institutes. RMG training facilities provide multiple courses for civil/ex-servicemen with a huge capacity to train large amount of security personnel every year.

RMG also trains personnel for Fire Squad, Dog Squad and Special Squad (Unarmed Combat Experts). The training staff has the capability to design and conduct "customized training" at customer site.


The preliminary selection of candidates interested in joining RMG is conducted at the recruitment centres. The screening process involves review of academic qualification and physical quality requirement in line with the company’s recruitment policy.

Risk_Management_Group_Security_Recruitment_Training7Once selected at the recruitment centres, the prospective candidates reach the training academy where verification of antecedents, medical examination, re-checking of quality requirements and verification of all documents is conducted. Selected candidates are taken into the academy for a four-week fully residential training program.


Risk_Management_Group_Security_Recruitment_Training6Qualified instructors, following the specially designed modules, that are continuously validated and updated, conduct training. The training includes both physical and theoretical sessions. There is a periodic evaluation during the entire training period.



Risk_Management_Group_Security_Recruitment_Training1At the end of the training program there is a qualifying criterion and those who fulfil the same are qualified for deployment through a passing-out parade. The centralized Recruitment & Training cell at the head office distributes the qualified candidates of training academies to different branches as per the business requirements projected by the branches on monthly basis.

For the next six months, Recruitment & Training cell of RMG monitors the performance, retention, desertion and other pre-specified parameter of the deployed guards and the data is analysed by management during business review exercise.

Risk_Management_Group_Security_Recruitment_Training4All our guards are trained and prepared to respond to emergency situations, as we at RMG put great emphasis on the training not only on our rigorous initial training programmes but throughout the career of the guards. By investing in continuous training and development programmes our guards are specially trained to resolve delicate and sensitive situations while maintaining full control in most professional manner.